Abnormal Loads Contraflow Pilot Cars

Tel/Fax: 01482 223529 | Mob: 07761 003228

Wide Loads Escort Vans
Collett Heavy Transport
Wide Loads Escort Van with Steelwork
Wide Loads Escort Van with Airbus Wings
Wide Loads Escort Van with Machinery

We provide a professional Road Pilot car service to all types
of Abnormal Loads Contraflow Pilotcars with signage and lights

We are situated within the industrial and docklands area of Hull
within a short distance to serve our Local and European Clients requiring
Abnormal load escorts and Road Pilots

We are happy to Escort anywhere in the UK or just supply a City Boundary Escort.
We also offer the service of providing permits and route surveys.

Our Vehicles

Our vehicles are fully equipped with mechanical and safety equipment, first aid and fire fighting equipment
including up to date GPS Satellite Navigation, Cameras & 2 way telecommunication devices as well as various auxiliary items
in excess of highways agency and Police requirements.